Things are as good as they are. Only you can make them better.

                         Private Residence

Imagination is key.

A Persian Clock Garden is a planted circle divided into 12 slices, each planted with groundcovers that open only at a specific hour of the day.

A Tropical Rain Garden is perfect for an inner courtyard: the approaching rain beats rhythm and tune on a variety of leaves, orchestral crescendos as water pours from smaller leaves and strikes larger surfaces, fading to musical drip-tones as the rain passes.

An oriental concept suggests that beneath every area waiting to be planted, there is a dragon sleeping in the ground.
The work of the gardener is to evoke the essence of this sleeping dragon, to give it visible bones and body and beauty and, if successful, breath.

The gardener should reveal these dragons, and to continually lure people away from their daily busy-ness and into another world.

Monitor lizard                                   Greedy Beetle

           The Swahili concept of a baraza, a place to sit and think.


The Garden
When you step into a garden you enter a haven away from the hectic world, a timeless harmonic space that should carry a hint of the breath of some immense being.

Individual spaces are important. On entering a new 'room', you might duck under a low branch and the act of bowing produces a change of oxygen to the brain. When you lift your head, you have undergone a minimal change of pace and consciousness.

The garden has so much more to offer than Exterior Decoration.

Tamarind village                          Bougainvillea Mary Palmer on pergola
                           The Presidential Villas in Mombasa


A garden is an organic process, shapeshifting as the space unfolds. There is no finished picture.
Color, shape, form, scent, sound, these outline the sleeping beast. At some point this outline plugs into the power of Nature, and the garden begins to breathe.

I only claim to be a knowledgeable and passionate gardener, and when this passion is transferred to my clients it is a true measure of succes: the awakening of a love of plants.

        Water tank fountain

The Future Garden

Gardening and Climate go hand in hand. The same varieties of plants are available in garden centres in Florida, London, Rio, Sydney or Bali, as gardens of the world loose their individuality.

Indigenous planting will bring back many good things, including ecological sanity.

Relocated Baobabs at Qambani project, Zanzibar

Succulent garden at Nairobi National Museum

Sirikoi House ...the elephants ate the Dracaena forest...