A garden is so much more than plants
The contemplation of nature is the cure of all ills.

Below are some unusual or interesting fotos from my gardens

Desert Rose

What makes a garden so compelling is that here the world is no longer just around us. We enter the lives of plants and birds and insects, a world of reflection and contemplation and often beauty.

Hawkmoth    Agama lizard

This sunbird flew into me at speed, and while still dazed I took some fotos. Now he is just waking up again.

                        Aphelandra sinclaireana


         Cycad cone                              Calanchone rodingii


In September the utterly spectacular Mucuna bennettii from New Guinea flowers in Nairobi.
This creeper (pictured below) flowered for the first time in late September, 3 years after planting, appearing open and perfect on the morning of my birthday. It now flowers twice a year.

Suburban Roof Garden   The white Petrea, a cloud of tiny helicopter flowers
Residiental garden in Nairobi